Our Top Picks For Summer ’17

It may have taken a minute, but summer is finally here! This time of year is all about hitting the beach, heading out on hikes, spending your days on the water and your nights by the fire.

Summer’s all about quick and easy snacks, killer skincare and anything you can throw on the barbeque.

Let’s talk about all the great products we have in store and our top picks for this summer.

Sweet Treats

Quick and easy treats that you can just grab and go are an essential part of summer. When the beach is calling, you don’t have time to cook up a 5 course meal. We have all the sweet treats you could possibly need, perfect for any summer activity.

Cool Whey Sport Protein Ice Cream

A perfect sweet treat to help cool down on a hot day. These perfect personal sized ice cream cups are protein PACKED with 23 grams of protein and sweetened with xylitol. With their wide range of flavours, there’s something for everyone!

Kewaza Bites

These sweet bites are to DIE for! Organic and GMO-free, these little balls are the perfect healthy alternative to brownies and cookies!

Eating Evolved Coconut Cups

Easily one of our most popular treats, these coconut cups are deliciously simple. With only 5 ingredients these cups are vegan and paleo friendly and are an essential this summer. Take your campfire game up a notch and add these bad boys to your s’mores for an evolved s’more experience!

Well Ink Juices

Nothing says summer like a little lemonade. Step up your lemonade game with our Well Ink charcoal, cayenne and spirulina lemonade. Detoxing never tasted so good!

Broya Bone Broth

Don’t sacrifice your gut health for the sake of time. Grab our super convenient bottled bone broth to take with you on the go!

Campfire Essentials

Eco Bug Off

Don’t let pesky little mosquitoes ruin your campfire vibes. Made with witch hazel and essential oils, this stuff means business and is sure to keep you out all night!

Dandies + Kinnikinnick Gluten-Free Graham Crackers

A summer campfire is nothing without a perfectly toasty, ooey gooey, messy s’more. For our vegan friends (and everyone else because these marshmallows are delicious) we have our campfire Dandies. Perfect for baking, roasting, or just snacking these gelatin-free marshmallows are a major campfire essential.

Even our gluten-free friends can enjoy the classic campfire treats with our gluten-free graham crackers. Stacked with our campfire Dandies and some chocolate, these crackers are a must have!

For The Grill

There’s nothing like a good barbeque on a summer night! Check out our wide selection of hormone and antibiotic free meats from Martin’s Country Market. We highly recommend their chicken burgers and steaks. Your barbecue will be thanking you!

And for our veggie friends, you can enjoy barbecue season too! We have a great selection of meat alternatives that are perfect for throwing on the grill. Check out our Viana Cowgirl Steaks and Sausages and our Field Roast Sausages and Field Burger.


Skincare Musts

Summer is no time to mess around with skincare. Protect your precious skin with these high-quality, clean skincare products.

Mad Hippie Facial SPF

This chemical-free and all natural 30+ spf is super light-weight, fresh and formulated specifically for your face. A super hydrating blend of oils offers a broad-range of antioxidant protection from the sun.

Mad Hippie Face Cream

No matter your skin type, moisturizing is so important, ESPECIALLY after spending the day in the sun. Follow up your spf with this super soft face cream to lock in your skin’s natural moisture and keep it looking fresh all day.

Coola BB Cream

If a full face of makeup isn’t your thing during the summer months, try out this great BB cream. It combines a 30+ spf with a touch of colour to give you a light base perfect for summer days.

Coola Self-Tanner

Skip the sun all together without sacrificing your summer glow. This easy to use self tanner mixes with your daily moisturizer to give you a flawless and foolproof tan.

What are your summer must haves? Let us know in the comment section below!


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