Canada Day Weekend Essentials

This week we’re gearing up for the biggest birthday of the year! This Saturday marks Canada’s 150th birthday and the celebrations are going to be BIG! Whether you’re heading out of town to the capital city or to camp, to a beautiful firework show or a backyard BBQ you’re going to need to be prepared with all of your weekend essentials.

Besides rounding up all of our Canada Day weekend essentials, we’re taking a moment to appreciate some of our favourite Canadian companies that provide us with their amazing products for the store.

We know you’ll love these guys just as much as we do!

Beekeeper’s naturals

We’re kicking off the show with the wonderful¬†Beekeeper’s Naturals¬†. They’re all about practicing and promoting sustainable beekeeping which means they make sure the bees come first, never over harvesting, leaving the bees with plenty honey, pollen and propolis of their own. They have a handful of amazing products including different honeys, pollen, propolis spray and super cute apparel but the product we’re talking about today is their Bee Powered.

Their Bee Powered is a product that combines their honey, pollen, royal jelly and propolis. Combining all of the superfoods from the hive, this product is great for immune system support, brain function and overall performance PLUS it’s packed with vitamins, minerals and protein! Bee Powered will keep you celebrating all day and night!

Vegan Cashew Cheese From Zengarry

Zengarry Fauxmage Vegan Cheese

Based in Alexandria, Ontario this cashew cheese company is killing it with their products! With a wide range of flavours, Zengarry has nailed the dairy-free cheese and we’re absolutely loving them. Grab one of their cheeses and pair it with some crackers or veggies for a perfect Canada day snack to serve to guests or to keep all to yourself (it’s seriously that good you’ll want to eat it all yourself).

Marci’s Bakery

Marci is another big favourite around here with her amazingly healthy sweet treats! All of the treats, including bites, cookies, brownies, bread, buns, muffins and mixes are made with quality ingredients that are actually good for you. All of her products are free of nuts, gluten, dairy, eggs, sugar (sweetened with coconut nectar!), corn, soy, and sulphates making them a perfect treat for anyone celebrating the nation’s birthday this weekend!

Live Organic Foods

“For the health conscious and health curious”. Live Organic Foods, based in Toronto, is all about healthy living and sustainable farming. With a great roster of raw, plant-based products, these guys believe that the human body should be the only thing processing the foods we eat meaning you can assure that their products are raw and preservative free

Check out their prepped meals, juices and raw crackers (perfect pairing for the Zengarry cashew cheese!) available regularly in store.

Sweets From The Earth S’Mores Cupcakes


Sweets From The Earth

Originating from Toronto, Sweets From The Earth is a family-owned business with two operating egg-free, dairy-free and kosher facilities – one dedicated peanut- and nut-free and the other wheat and gluten-free. With products in stores all across Canada, we are excited to have their amazing products in our store.

SFTE offers a wide range of products from brownies, bars and whoopie pies to full size cakes, perfect for any celebration! Come in and grab a big s’mores cake to celebrate the country’s big birthday this weekend!

Thornbury Bakery Products

Thornbury Bakery

Home of some of the best gluten-free products we’ve ever tried. The bread products we get from Thornbury Bakery are all gluten-, dairy- and egg-free making them perfect for almost everyone! We love their buns, baguettes and bread, all with a base of chia and flax and made with good quality ingredients. Grab a loaf of their chia bread for Canada Day picnic sandwiches!

This stuff is so good we get it shipped on a bus to make sure we can get it to the store every week!

Steve, Mitch and Mike of Station Cold Brew

Station Cold Brew

Cold brew is all the rage right now and we can definitely see why, especially after trying this stuff! Coming from Toronto, the guys from Station Cold Brew have nailed the art of cold brewing with their responsibly sourced and locally roasted beans that go into the making of their delicious coffee.

Their perfect cold brew is available in-store in bottles and their new nitro cans and is perfect to keep you up for all the Canada Day celebrations!

What products are you stocking up on for this weekend’s celebrations?

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